• Lisa Keaveney

Where am I

We have been on the road for almost two weeks. When it's all said and done it will be two weeks without a break and it's been go go go 🚄. We do this every once in awhile but not all the time.

I'm not going to lie, it takes a toll on every part of me. By the time we get back to the yard, we are both exhausted 🥱. My body hurts and my spirit needs replenished. Believe it or not, I still am happy with my decision to go on the road with my husband ☺.

The drawback for me is that naturally I am a dingbat 🦇. Can't help it, that's the way I am. With this add being tired, driving at night and really no knowing my geography (should have paid more attention in school), I am lost most of the time. ⏳

Speaking of time ⏲️, I am also not quite sure what time it is most of the time. (My watch doesn't help because the battery is dead and I haven't had it changed yet. 🙃) There are also time lines to deal with. ⏰

WOW, see what I have to deal with ?! Day driving, night driving, geography, time lines.... oh what is a girl to do? 😆 To quote one of my favorite songs 'time keeps on slipping' 🎵

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