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What it is like to travel through a tropical storm 9/16

9/15: As a truck driver, my husband has to keep going, like a mailman used to, through sleet, snow, ice, rain and yes tropical storms. He drove through the rain and the wind all day yesterday. It is exhausting, even for me as a passenger. I was in my seat the whole time just watching how people drove in that kind of weather. There are some STUPID people out there. No common sense at all!!! We almost got lipped or flat out hit several times throughout the day. In one city there was a jackknifed truck on the interstate, he took a corner to quickly in the rain and dark and lost control. This is a life that you always have to be on the alert when you are out on the road.

We went through an area of Louisiana that got hit by the hurricane a coupe of days ago, it was eerie. There were trees either uprooted or snapped in half because of the winds. There were campers blown over and houses flooded, and it stunk bad. I was in a couple floods in 2003 and 2004, it stuck for months due to the sewage that washed up. This was the same deal. I couldn't imagine what it was like during Katrina.

He drove for about 10 hours, this is the amount of time he can drive. I really don't know the laws but he does and that is what counts. I didn't get out of the truck until this morning to get coffee and go to the bathroom. We did get showers in the morning, that is about a weekly to biweekly event in my world.

I hope you enjoy the pictures for the day.

There may be technical difficulties at times, like no service but I will do my best to write about life as a truckdriver. I am also learning how to upload pictures so that will come later. Aahh learning curves 😝😂🤣

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