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Trucking during the holidays

A lot of truck drivers are out working during the holidays so the country can have what they need and want in their stores to keep this country running. There really is not a day off for truckers whether they are drivers for a company, owner operators, or independent truckers. You may ask what is the difference?

Drivers are employees who drive for a company in a company truck, it's like living in someone else's house, no overhead to worry about. Owner operators own their trucks and/or trailers but lease on to a company, like renting a space kind of like hairdressers, they have all the overhead, supplies and cost of running their own business. Independent truckers have their own authority (can book or broker their own loads); they own their own truck and/or trailers and can haul for anyone as long as they book their own load, like owning their own house and can do what they want with it, they have all the stuff owner operators have plus a little bit more.

There is a knowing among truck drivers that if the wheels aren't turning the money isn't flowing. You would be amazed at how much it takes to keep a truck running. If you stop and think about it, inflation makes sense. We all help pay for the goods transportation through the price of the products we buy. Name ONE thing that is not transported by a tractor trailer, that is a challenge. Can you?? So, if the trucking industry stopped for even a couple days, it cripples the economy. We all have seen this firsthand this past year and how it had the potential to put the country in real crisis.

What I have learned this past year on the road:

Be kind to the truck drivers out there, I know it is hard when your driver is not able to come home for the holidays or the truck in front of you is going too slow (a subject for another day) and you are in a hurry to get to grandma's house. They are dedicated to keeping this country moving by delivering the loads they are under. Thank you!

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