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I have been on the truck since January 23, 2021. No one and I mean NO ONE (not even me) thought I would make it this long! Hell, my daughter gave me only 3 months. 😝.

Here are a few in and outs of trucking life;

I have seen so much since the beginning of my journey, I have been amazed and have learned so much. My world has become so much bigger. 🌎

When I tell people about my new venture in life they often think it would be a wonderful life, I can say I love it but it is not what people think it is. 🙃

First of all, this is NOT a vacation. We are not able to "see the sights" because we don't have time and there is never any room to park a 53-foot tractor-trailer. When I tell people this they look at me sideways and say, " oh yeah, I see what you mean." 🤫

Second, if you like daily showers, brushing your teeth twice a day, and using a toilet when nature calls this is NOT the life for you. I take a shower with water once or twice a week. Baby wipe showers are a more common occurrence. I brush my teeth daily with a dry toothbrush and use toothpaste when we stop for fuel or 💩 break (whenever that may be). As for the toilet, I use a funnel and a gallon jug for urine and hold the rest until we get to a truck stop, rest stop, or outhouse. 🥺

Third, I really need to be diligent with depression. There were DAYS when I would not leave the truck for anything but the above-mentioned until I got F. Chucky Keaveney the Frenchie 🐶. I have to get out several times a day and take care of him so this helps more than anyone knows.💖

(There are other things but I will continue that discussion another day.)

Ok, the great stuff; I get to spend ALOT more time with the love of my life. We don't talk much but are so comfortable with each other and enjoy being together that it is the best time. We have learned so much about each other and ourselves during this time. 🥰

We have been able to have more time off together also. We have a pickup truck and a 40-foot 5th-wheel camper we use all the time. This is where we get to see things. As we drive the interstates, highways, and byways we get ideas for mini-vacations and then go on a 3, 4, or 5-day excursion.🏕🏖

WHAT I HAVE LEARNED: I have learned, so far, that the world is bigger than I understand it to be and that I learn something new about it every day! There is joy and happiness but also loss and heartbreak. I have also learned that people are resilient and go on in this life no matter what happens.

SO Learn something new every day and keep going no matter what because this world IS amazing and beautiful!

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