• Lisa Keaveney

Spirit and Science coming together

I am an analytical person by nature; I think therefor I am. I am learning; I am because my soul chose me to be. This body is not by chance or all brain. We, in the western world, have been conditioned to believe that all we are is due to our brain and what we think we are, and that is true to a point.

I am learning that we are also our soul, our body and the cosmos. I know that sounds woo woo but I am woo woo, I own that and I believe that. Carl Sagan believed that we are part of the cosmos also and he was a scientist! If you google Carl Sagan quotes, there are a plethora of wonderful quotes including “We are star stuff harvesting sunlight”. Here in the west we believe science more than anything else, why is that?

I believe one of the reasons why is because we need physical proof of EVERYTHING! We need tangible and visible evidence or it doesn’t exist. Scientists are beginning to understand that there may be more then this and are working on proving to the masses (and to themselves) the existence of that which we cannot see, smell, touch, taste, or hear. There are things beyond our 5 senses for sure.

I have been an eclectic solitary witch since 2007. I was a christian from a young age, I was very deep into my religion. I went to church every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday evening. I went to youth group and even lead a woman’s bible study for about a year. There were aspects of the church that I liked; the beautiful energy that was raised in some of the nonthreatening churches I went to or the songs that were sung. So why did I leave the church if I was so involved and liked it?

I was tired of being scared into believing and was beginning to see the hypocrisy, the power and the judgement. I did not like the dogma of it all and the rules were only for some people but not everyone. I was not fulfilled or satisfied watching people being hypocritical, using their power and judgement and I did not want to be that way any longer! Yes, I admit that I was one of those people. (This is my experience and my opinion, I am sure there are christians who are not like that, I have friends and family who are not like that)

Since I have stepped out of the box a whole new world has opened up to me and I have had many wonderful scary experiences and am excited to have many more. I am not posting this to change anyone’s beliefs, I would NOT push anything onto anyone but I am ALWAYS available if anyone has any questions or wants to experience or experiment, I am here for whatever.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, I am open.

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