• Lisa Keaveney

Quantum Physics/Quantum Life

I am beginning to increase my knowledge of quantum physics. It is fascinating!! I have fully read one book and almost done with my second one. Quantum physics puts a solid scientific spin on what I already believed.... we are more than our physical bodies and more than the 3D world we live in.

We are all energy beings and are all connected through the cosmos, we are of the cosmos, we are the cosmos. Carl Sagan said, "We're made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." Once you know this, there is no going back to the 3D way of thinking again.

This all sounds like woo woo and so hippy 60's but scientists have talked about this "consciousness" for years and longer with the Eastern philosophies. Western scientists are starting to really get on board with all this and it is wonderful!

I have read You Are the Universe by Menas Kafatos and Deepak Chopra. I am currently reading Quantum Creativity by Amit Goswami, PhD. Both books are great, they explain quantum science in relation to how it matters and how it affects us on this planet and the universe (and beyond). It was hard to understand at first, but I kept reading the first book and by the end of it, I was hooked and am really beginning to understand the scientific aspect of what I believed spiritually first.

There are days when I think it is easier to just think in 3D, but I have been through the 5D world several times and now know more than what the 3D world has to offer. On the days I want to slip back into the 3D world, I get messages from the Universe (God, All That Is, Goddess [whatever you want to call it]) saying, "yeah but Lisa, you know and have been through so much more than just these mundane things in the 3D world."

I am beginning to open up to synchronicities, these are things that the Universe will send to me when I am veering off the path I am meant to be on. Subtle signs but signs none the less, for instance; number sequences 1111, 2222, 3333, etc. or quotes that I read out of the blue. I keep asking for bricks to hit me in the forehead, but the Universe has not sent any yet, probably because I am not ready for the bricks.

I love to do Tarot readings for myself and for others. There is something about feeling the energy and "knowing" when I read for others. It cannot be explained but rather felt. When we open up into our heart intuition and let our ego mind rest, amazing things start to happen, and LIFE starts to just fall into place for us. We all have everything we will ever need within us; we just need to find what sparks our life interest and run with it, the Universe will guide us all, we just need to trust the Universal Process!

What I am learning: I am learning that I don't need to be in my head all the time, I can follow my heart also. I have been analytical for so many years and now it is time for me to let go of my ego and lead with my intuition, I have been happier in doing so.

If you would like a reading, let me know. If you are unable to pay the $22 let me know. I love to help guide people in any way I am able to. You can get hold of me on Facebook (Wanderingtarot Lisa Keaveney), Instagram (@wanderingtarot21) or the website ( Thank you

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