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New Start

OK, this is my new blog for my new website. I am so excited to start on the right foot this time.

My husband and I made our first life changing decision in November of 2020. We decided it was ok for me to quit my $70,000 year job to go on the road with him. So I gave my notice; THAT was hard because I loved my job but I love my husband more. I packed up our house and as of January 22,2021 I became a real truck driver's wife.

We have been doing this since January 23, 2021, almost 9 months. Our home base is in Greensboro North Carolina. We have been southeast and southwest so far. I am still loving it after 9 months! My living space is about 50 square feet, TALK ABOUT A TINY HOUSE! My son is renting the house so I don't have a house to go back to but it really isn't bothering me at all. I am spending all my time as a co-pilot to my husband and that is what it's all about!

I have learned to wash semi windows, don't laugh, it is not as easy as you think. Although it is funny to see me washing them. I am learning how to cook meals in the truck. That is hard but I make a new recipe every week or so. I have a 3 quart Instapot, an egg cooker and a sandwich maker, grill combo. We both have lost weight because we cant just get up and go to the large house fridge or the store if we are really craving something.

I will be blogging at least weekly to let you know how our life adventure is going. I said we made our first life decision in November, I will let you know what the second one was next time. See you then!!!!

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