• Lisa Keaveney

Merry Christmas

This is not my typical Christmas, there are not children playing with their gifts in the living room by the tree and eating orange cinnamon rolls for breakfast. That is how we have spent the last 33 Christmases together, Andy and me. This is the first one away from family. The tree in the picture has pictures in the background of extended family that I have either lost through death, health issues or circumstances. I love and miss them all.

Today Andy and I are in Alabama making our way to Texas to deliver a load in Waco. There is no snow, no decorations (besides my little gnomes) and no family here. I got to face time my daughter and her kids which is better than nothing. I will do the same later today with my son and his girls after he picks them up.

I hope all of you have a great day; hug your family and love them well! I am with my husband, my kids are healthy, happy, and safe and that's all I want on this day.

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