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It's So Frustrating

When we were at Universal Studios, I wanted something that had to do with the Minions because I love the minions! So, I bought the metal art model you see in the picture. (Because there were no stuffed minions in the park anywhere). The instructions say it can be built without glue, and it says it is for 14+ years. Yeah Right! I took step by step pictures which I will show as I go (hey I'm a poet and I didn't even know it). These are the panels.

I started out very optimistic in my abilities, I've got this. Afterall, I used to make small dolls when I was a kid and have crochet little monsters. THAT was a mistake. I knew it was a mistake to be optimistic when I started putting piece #1 onto piece #2. But, because I am who I am, I am determined to finish this product and not quit after attempting the first step. Piece #1 is smaller than a pencil eraser and it needed to go on piece #2 which was my first minion's body. It stayed on for about 1.9 seconds, so I set it aside, took a deep breath and moved on to piece #3.

Ok the next couple of pictures are of the arms for minion #1, note how small these pieces are. I am 53 years old with eyes that aren't working so hot! Yes, I had my reading glasses on, yes, I had adequate light (although it could have been better) and yes, the truck was not moving so I proceeded....

I believe those were the easiest to put together. Then came the part when I had to attach the arms to the body, another not so easy trick. Arm #1 was like piece #1 and would not cooperate, it fell off more times than I could count, but it had to be on before I could attach the top and bottom, so I struggled.... a lot!

Head and feet next:

Those weren't bad, but they were small, in the feet and base picture, those are my tweezers!

ok now came the tricky part, putting the head and the feet on the body. That wasn't as easy as the hands, but it wasn't bad, except the right arm kept falling off, uugghh!!!

I had to put together the eyes and then attach them to the head

Finished product above, oh wait not yet. NOTE: circled in red, piece #1.

This has taken me a little over 2 hours to do, and here below is the finished product

Minion #1!! Not the whole statue, just minion #1... WHAWHAWHA.

Notice the glue bottle in the back and on PIECE #1 and the right arm!!!!!


Have a great day, I will keep you posted on the statue as I go....

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