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It's been a WHOLE year!!!!!!!

At the end November 2019, my husband and I made a crazy decision to pack up the house, have me quit my job and move in our semi-truck with him full time. Financially, we would still be okay and obtain our goals of retirement.

So, I packed up our house, put it all in storage, sold it or gave it away and got the house ready for our son to rent and eventually buy. I said my goodbyes to all my friends and on January 20, 2020, I drove down to Greensboro, North Carolina to be with Andy. On January 23, 2020, we hoped in the truck and started our adventure, our first adventure was to Florida and back.

I have been in the truck with him before but only for no longer than 2 weeks I believe. I went from a 1900 square foot house, living by myself quietly and working a 24/7 director of nursing job to a maybe 50 square foot very loud truck with Andy 24/7. The great part in the beginning was I didn't get many phone calls from staff or worked crazy hours, the tough part was getting used to the noise and not being alone. I did not get to take my dog either for several reasons, so my son inherited him too.

I took so many pictures and posted on FB a lot! I was so excited to be with him, to travel and to see how he lived his life for 30 years. I was truly amazed at the way he lived, and many other truck drivers live. It is a very lonely life when you are by yourself. If there is a partner (spouse, team driver, animal) in the truck it is much easier.

I don't drive the truck, nor do I really want to. We actually settled in pretty well. It was tough at first, I was invading his world and left mine behind. Communication was key and still is. I was afraid to communicate with him at first because I wasn't used to talking to anyone when I was at home really. I knew that if I didn't speak up or talk about what bothered me, it would no work out and I would have to leave.

My job is to wash windows when we get fuel, laundry, food shop and cook. I love doing those things but again had to get used to doing those things for someone else besides me. Neither one of us regrets the decision we made, and we still love each other, and I tell you, I will do anything for this man of mine!

To those who had their doubts (including myself), be at ease, this really is working out well. I did feel like I abandoned my children and grandchildren at first, but we live in a time where we can communicate daily if we want to and I could hop in the pickup truck and see them anytime I want to, but they have their lives to live, and I have mine and we are still a family.

What I have learned:

I have learned that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Communication is key to everything; with your kids, your partner, yourself! I am a lot better at life than I thought I was.

Life is an adventure, it is not the destination, it is the journey, so enjoy every moment of it!!

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