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Christmas Eve

What are you doing today? I imagine you are spending time with your family, wrapping presents, maybe shopping for that last minute gift, or cooking for the feast tonight or tomorrow. There are people who will be working out of necessity, healthcare, law enforcement, emergency services, truck drivers, etc. There are people working because they don't celebrate this holiday and that is okay too. I want to wish EVERYONE joy and peace and love.... especially love!! no matter who you are, what you do or what you believe.

Today I am in the passenger seat in a semi-truck with my husband. I am missing my kids and grandkids but that is pretty much an everyday occurrence. I don't really celebrate the holidays anymore anyway; it took a lot for me to decorate last year. The only thing I enjoyed about decorating was putting my grandmother's ceramic Christmas tree, Santa and Mrs. Santa she made many years ago. I am feeling more comfortable in the truck this year.

It is hard for me to feel happy during this time of the year. I feel very overwhelmed during the holidays; I get anxious, angry, depressed and sad. It hasn't always been this way; growing up I always had wonderful Christmases, it was always about the family (the whole family). We would spend the day and grandma and grandpa's house; we would eat, open presents, play games and just belly laugh! When I got married and moved away, it became more about my small family. We had wonderful times. I got to spend several Christmases in Germany, that was a treat!! When we moved back to the United States, I really started looking around, I felt and saw what the holidays were becoming, commercialized!

This is my opinion; I feel that Christmas is all about profit and a what's in it for me attitude, not about the love of people or love of the season. People run around so anxious about how much they are going into debt to buy Christmas for everyone and hope the other people like what was bought. I did this too and now that I look back, I would have done differently and taught my children differently.

This is supposed to be the season of love and giving, yeah right. I have seen people physically fight over the last one of whatever it was, I have seen ungratefulness with the receiving of a gift, I see apathy, guilt, rudeness and anger. I have felt the guilt because I forgot to get someone a gift or got the wrong gift. I have felt anger because other people were rude to me in the stores, so I became rude back.

When I am in the truck, I am in my own little world and really don't see much at all. I didn't know there was a Rice Krispy shortage in the stores, that is how sheltered I am (chuckle chuckle) ;0). (Thanks to a friend and Facebook, I now know there are more shortages than just Rice Krispies.)

What I have learned:

I have learned that all these feelings and actions are a choice no matter what time of the year it is, no matter who you are or what your circumstance!! We all have choices in EVERY PART of our lives, how we act, how we live, what we think, what we do and what we say, every part!! I am not saying it is easy to see the choices or make the right choices, but I want people to be aware that life is a choice!

Love yourself and love each other. Hold sacred space for what is really important to you. Bless you and have a safe and fun Christmas!

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