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Fuel prices have been a hot topic lately and I REALLY understand why. I am not as in touch with gas prices as with the diesel prices because my husband and I own a tractor trailer which takes fuel for the truck and fuel for the refrigerator part (we haul mostly food stuff). We have 3 tanks we need to fill up when we go to the truck stop and we have a diesel pickup truck also.

My husband and I watched the diesel prices jump 60 cents a gallon in 2 hours! Since the prices have skyrocketed, we have spent no less than $2000 a week on fuel! We travel mostly in the southeastern states, but diesel has gone up to over $6 gallon in western and northern states. Unfortunately, the transportation industry needs to pass that cost onto the companies they haul for and then those companies pass the cost onto the consumer.

I will not get into why the fuel prices have gone up, I have my own political and economic viewpoints which I will keep to myself as this is a very volatile subject and one I do not wish to get into. The reality is that fuel prices are high and fuel is what makes the world go round (and you thought it was money heehee). The next phase of reality is the price of everything else going up, hence passing the cost onto the consumer.

Here is my opinion AND MY OPINION ONLY. I am learning that we all have our opinions and please don't push yours on to me or anyone else because we all have the right AS HUMAN BEINGS to have our own opinions. (topic for another day)

I see these posts on Facebook about how we need to be grateful that we are able to go to the gas stations in our cars and fill them up with gas and go places without being bombed. I practice gratitude EVERY DAY for what I have and the life I have and have been doing so years before the war broke out.

I am sad about the war in Ukraine at this time, I send energy every day to them as my way of helping (my belief); but it breaks my heart to think that there are people in the United States who have to choose from gas(to get to work to make money), food (to feed their families), rent or mortgage (to have shelter) and important medications (to keep them alive).

I was listening to the news (again won't talk about what network due to politics) and they were interviewing a CEO whose company has been in business for 85 years. The company is losing employees at this time due to the price of gas NOT because they don't want to work but because they can't afford to go to work. How ironic is this!?!?

I just want us all to get along, is that too much to ask??? What a dream world that would be. Peace be with you, stay safe, stay sane, stay well. Love to you all.

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