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9/19/21 Life

I've been thinking about life lately 🤔. With all that has basically disrupted life as we know it since late 2019, I have found myself trying to readjust my thinking and living....

I worked at an assisted living facility as a director of nursing. I cared for elderly who, as you know, were the most vulnerable at that time. From March 2020 until I left that job, my life became their life. I loved 💜 all those residents in that facility and did my best (as did all the other employees) to keep them safe. There were days I went home crying for my residents and their families because of the total shutdown of the world 🌎. We were the last facility in our area to have positive COVID cases, but by the time I left my job, we lost several residents to COVID 😪.

This is my big 📣SHOUT OUT📣 to all the employees with whom I had the honor and privilege to work with and to the hospice nurses and aids who came every day to help make residents as comfortable as they could. They worked hours overtime mostly without complaint. I was always willing to listen to the complaints because we all needed an outlet. I love each and every one of them for their dedication to the residents and their own families.

During that time, my husband was also dedicated to his company in North Carolina🚛. He stayed there to make sure the company did not go under. We didn't see each other for weeks on end. There was a 2 month stretch for us which was hard even with video chatting. In August he was in an accident that could have been fatal. That really made us think about what was important in life. So in November 2020 I decided to leave my $70,000 year job and career as a nurse👩‍⚕️, pack up our house 🏡, and live in the semi 🚛with my husband. At the end of January 2021 we were on our way.

That is how I came to be a full-time traveler. I will share next time about how my website came to be. Peace be with you all.

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