• Lisa Keaveney

9/16/21 another mundane day

We spent the night at a Stuckeys truck stop where they had a Dunking Donuts so for breakfast my husband had donuts and chocolate milk. I had coffee that puts hair on your chest with protein powder, MCT oil, Blue Me Away and Glow Getter from Apothekary (I'll explain this in another post later), salt and cream. I am telling you what all I put in my coffee because this takes time. My husband will usually give me that time unless we are really under the gun, then I make it while he drives down the road. That is a feat for sure but I am perfecting it 😁

Along the road we get to see unusual things. I think this is a miniature golf place. We don't get to ACTUALLY go to these places, no parking big enough for a tractor-trailer 😤. And we usually don't have that kind of time.

Then there is lunch. Usually we eat while he is driving down the road- turkey and cheese or peanut butter and jelly for him and a Sated meal shake or tuna for me. Today we had time and he knows I love Whataburger so he wanted to treat me. He got fuel, we went to the bathroom, ordered our food and headed down the road.

We slept in a very nice rest stop, we got there about 10pm so we were surprised there were spots available to park for trucks. That is one of the hardest parts of driving past 6pm, finding parking 😒. There are truck stops that require a reservation and are paid parking so if there are places with free parking they fill up fast. A lot of those are questionable places to park but when you are bone tired and run out of driving hours what choice do you have.

Thank you for sharing my day.

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